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    【微信彩票群快三套路_苹果版IOS下载】"And why not, I should like to know?" he demanded, up in arms immediately. Clearly his conscience was bad, though he appeared to have reason on his side.


    Pen looked up in disgust. "What do you want me to read this horrible stuff for?" she asked. "It's like all the other cases.""Why should he leave his pistol behind to convict him?" she asked. "Why should he introduce himself to us under his right name?"

    "But if I've got to go ... I must thank you," he said.


    CHAPTER XV POSTSCRIPT "What a lot of idle people there must be!"

    【微信彩票群快三套路_苹果版IOS下载】Pendleton was momentarily disconcerted. "Well no ... of course not. But I must do my duty just the same ... This is an important case. I must act with prudence. The eyes of the world will be upon us now.""It was you who first asked him to stay," said Pen indignantly.

    "Well, you're caught! You've seen the last of the sun. You're done for!""How do you know?"


    【微信彩票群快三套路_苹果版IOS下载】"You'd better do the same," said Pen coolly."You talk about loving a man! I know how your kind loves. Cool and dainty! What do you know about loving, brought up good with a home and a family and all? Everything provided for you. I never had nothing! Till I got him. He was the first who ever belonged to me.... I had to fight every inch of my way and be on guard every minute. He had to, too, just the same. But we could let down with each other! It eased us!"

    "I suppose you don't want to go," he said quickly.Pen was patient, for her. "But think how seldom I get to town. I couldn't take an hour or two off for lunch."


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